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Caring for the environment through good design

We all deserve to have clean air, safe water and adequate resources and working together we can achieve this.

Maintaining a clean environment and conserving our natural resources are issues that concern us all. We believe that through positively influencing our staff, industry peers, clients and our community we will be able to deliver sustainable design solutions while recognising our environmental responsibilities.

The unavoidable use of natural resources and energy within the design industry makes it vital that we minimise the impact through smart design and good management.

We help to maintain our environment by…

We help to reduce the amount of waste produced by the studio through employing electronic delivery methods for client proofs, letters, press artwork and billing whenever possible.

Recycling of waste paper and packaging also plays a major part in this effort as does the careful selection of consumables used within the studio.

Informing clients of greener alternatives is of key importance to us when planning projects. Through careful research we ensure that the substrates used in our design projects are bought from sustainable and eco-friendly sources.

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